HRG Organic Farming

Research based approach

Our services include:

- Research and development on sustainable and organic horticultural crop production
- Modern high density orchard design and management
- Testing solid and liquid organic and inorganic fertilizers, bio-fertilizers, soil amendmentson growth and development of all horticultural crops
- Research and scientific presentation for all range of audiences
- Quality consultation of horticultural crops
- Representative of your company in national and international meetings, expos and symposiums
- Product development
- Branding and advertisement
- Product patent and registration

Delicious, healthy & fresh

Quality products from start to finish

We pride ourselves in providing fresh and delicious produce grown in Hollister, California. Our small family farm takes a research based approach that allow us to test and deliver the highest quality. Our scientific backgrounds allow us to perform the very best. If you are interested in partnering with us for scientific horticulture research, please let us know.

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Our mission is to provide high quality agricultural products. We take a scentific research based approach to each and every aspect of our farm. Our team of researchers has an aim of advancing agricultural technology and each step of the organic farming process.